a fin de cuentas todo es un chiste

espíritus chocarreros

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Max Linder and an unidentified lady in the hand-tinted Pathécolor one-reeler “Romeo se fait bandit” (1909).


Ronald Colman in Condemned (1929)


i love listening to a song repeatedly until i hate it



Burlesque on Carmen, 1915 

One of my favorite of his films - I love the gif bottom right, it is so modern in this sense - he winks, eyebrow lift, and tilts his head to the door to his friend, indicates he is with Edna and for him to hit the bricks, almost like he is saying “Look I’m trying to get with this”

"Girl Shy" (1924)

Harold Lloyd and Bud Jamison in Over the Fence (1917) 
This film marked the first appearance of Lloyd’s famous ‘glass character’

Harold Lloyd and some spooky curtains - “Haunted Spooks” (1920)