a fin de cuentas todo es un chiste

espíritus chocarreros

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Ginger Rogers and Ronald Colman in a promotional photo for the film Lucky Partners , 1940.


Charlie Chaplin drawing in court during the man act trial, 1944.

Here’s the result which is very nice haha.


Promotional artwork for The Amateur Gentleman (1936) starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

 Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!! 

     April 16, 1889 — December 25, 1977

Miniature versions of Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin c. 1930’s

It’s Chaplin’s birthday today. (April 16th, 1889 - December 25th, 1977) .


16 avril 1889 : Naissance de Charlie Chaplin à Londres.

Charlie Chaplin dans les années 1930.


Happy Birthday, Charlie! I love you! 

April 16, 1889


Harold and Mildred Davis share a soda in “From Hand To Mouth”, 1919

This was my very first post to this blog on April 14th, 2010…..

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